Tuesday, November 22, 2011


No, it really looks like that. Really it was smaller and cuter in my fevered dreams of pone. Just as well, as it is also still doing a comfortable looking business, "That's right--he says he's not dead yet."

Hey, I didn't make it rain. It really screams down in tha heels 1960's Gulf Breeze Fl, especially on those too sunny days. I did lust for the foot traffic and excess parking, but I have repent. Apparently good parking isn't as rare around here as it is on my home-world.

 I spotted the  'WishIwasadairybarn' location somewhere back between Camp Winnataska Road and Camp Creek Road.

At this distance you can see the drive-in-window potential, but close up, the bars on it and all the other windows seemed a little grim. Lawn furniture aside, the no gas sign, the blacked-out windows, and all those bars didn't really make me wanna try and remember the name of this road. I'm sure the smell of fresh cornbread would make it seem like a nicer place to be but, well maybe later.

 But wait there's more, As far as I know, this place has been empty for quite a while. Well it passed the first test. When viewed through the cracked windshield of a farm truck you can see the pone-tincial jumping off it in orange and green flakes right along with the paint.

Gosh I hope This place wasn't a bait store last.

Okalee dokale, neighborinos, I've still gotta ton of arithmetic homework to do yet. How much cornbread can I actually bake inna day, and how much beans or chili goes with it? Hmm, betcha Tha Shadow knows.

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