Saturday, December 10, 2011


 I'll take it as a sign. He said the building is full of stuff. Well that'll happen to a building with a good roof and a lock. When broached on the matter of putting on a Pone restaurant, he mentioned using the parking lot for a garage sale or vegetable stand, but his suggestion that we put up a sign "PONE" (I think I like vertical better) or some-such struck a pone resonant note. The idea being the sign gets their attention, we bait this here field (parking lot) with free cornbread and coffee or soup, and eventually remove the free banner and replace it with now open. 

 Duh, I mean deet-dah-dee! Even when I was little I already thought of the road (mostly highways) as a river. What better place to cast the pone. Should we build a pier? Hmm, a sign eh? I see a giant floating spoon, and off in the middle distance his band "The Accessories" Cornbread, Soup, Coffee, Beans, and Salad. I see the beginnings of a Flatware County Christmas. 

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